doora ceramics by artist Doreen Jakob

Doora ceramics bring your stories on to clay.

Doora ceramics are about opening new doors and opportunities to see common objects a different way and explore what they can mean to us. I do this by making functional ceramics that tell stories and are infused with personal meaning. More specifically, I build collage works and layer multiple materials – vintage laces, embroidery but also plants or even packaging material - on clay.

My clay work is strongly inspired by textiles. They are part of my heritage: every woman in my family knitted, stitched, sewed… and I had learned it all by kindergarten. Vintage textiles tell stories, they connect us to our past, they ground us and that’s what I want my ceramics to do, too. 

I most enjoy working directly with clients, using their materials and making bespoke work for them that connects them to their own history and brings meaningful, lasting object into their lives. If you have an idea for a project or gift, lets connect and talk about how I can help you. 

You can find more about my work and process on Instagram .